Reunion Photos

LaVearnís First Family Reunion
July 2005
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All 40 in one pic

Jim, Debi, Roz, Duane

Cliff, Jim, Debi, Debi, Roz, Duane, Betty

Diana, Pat, Betty, Duane, & David Barnes

Betty & Duane Barnes

The Duane Barnes Clan
Diana, Pat, Duane, David, Kelly
Christian, Betty, Cole, Robbie

Kelly & Pat

Christian Barnes

Patrick Barnes

Cole Barnes

David Barnes

David & Kelly
Still on their honeymoon

Filling up water guns from a bucket of water

Cole, Eric, Makiyla, Christian, Nani
Kahea & Kanoe

Standing: Robbie, Christian, Nani
Cole, Eric, Makiyla
Kahea & Kanoe


The Heaps Clan

Joy, Debbie, Cliff, Roz & Elizabeth, Roxanne, Kenny, Aaron & Allison

Dawn, Sydney, Makiyla

Jessica, Russell David, Steven, Karlyn & Dallin

Sam, Eric, Catie, Zachary

Cliff & Roz

Cliff, Roz, Roxanne & Karlyn
Russell, David, Steven & Kenny


Kids filling up water balloons


Tony, Makiyla, Dawn, Zachary

Tony & Zachary

Karlyn & Elizabeth

Russell & Debbie





Russ & Sam

Kenny sleeping before the party after helping Russ pour cement

Kenny at the party

Roxanne & Jim

Karlyn holding Catie
Diana holding Elizabeth

Jim, Angie & Debi Kelly

Debi & Jim Barbour with Angie

Diana holding Elizabeth,
visiting with Debbie


Debi Kellyís Clan
Tony, Nick, Debi, Angie
Kanoe, Nani, Kahea

Cliff, Jim, Debi, Diana

Tony & Zach


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