Restored Photos

To order Restored Ancestral Photos
from the collection of
Rosalind Heaps

Photos Made Perfect:




  1. Ann Eva Dittmore Heaps
  2. Rosetta Louise Adams Horspool
  3. Elijah & Rachel Downs Marshall Family
    (abt 1902, Michigan)
  4. Henry Clay & Mary Francis Dillard Bolls Family
    (abt 1904, Arkansas)
  5. Florence Mae Horspool
  6. Alfred Clifton Horspool
  7. LaVearn Chambless & Russell Marshall, 1945
  8. Florence Marie Horspool & Wallace Dittmore Heaps

10.  Wedding photo of
Benjamin Franklin Heaps & Ann Eva Dittmore
8 February 1899
Salt Lake City, Utah

16. David and Mary Heaps Family
Back row L to R:
Marion, Albert, Benjamin, Thomas
Front row:
David, Jr., Mother, Joseph, Father

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11. Widow, Daisy Dink Smith Rampy
with her four children:
Eunice, Wiley, Jack & Lila Rampy

13. My Mother & Grandmother,
LaVearn Chambless
Alvearn Guthrie Bolls

12. Four generations:
Baby: Georgie Elizabeth Cummings, b. October 1915
Mother: Flora Mae Stevenson Cummings
Grandmother: Elizabeth Bolls Cummings
Mary Francis Dillard Bolls

14. My Mother & Grandmother,
LaVearn Chambless
Alvearn Guthrie Bolls

15 Wedding photo of
Clifton W. Heaps &
Rosalind Russell Marshall Heaps
July 2, 1966

17. Lewis, Wally, Albert, Avard
Eva, Helen, Rachel, Mary, Virginia

Taken in front of Pocatello High School
27 April 1941