My Parents

Russell Marshall
LaVearn Chambless

8 April 1945
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Trip to Catalina Island
Alvearn, Arnold & LaVearn

Family Growing Up

My Father
Russell Marshall
 Feb. 1922 - Sept. 1945

My Mother
LaVearn Chambless Marshall
June 1921 - Sept. 1987

LaVearn & mother, Alvearn

Abt 1945

Russ, LaVearn & Duane

Older Brother:
Duane E. Barnes
23 Aug 1941 - 31 Jul 2011

Duane & Rosalind

Senior Year

U. S. Marines

After Boot Camp Graduation
Duane, Debbie & Rosalind

Duane & wife, Betty

Rosalindís Photos


abt age 4

abt June 1960,
following 8th grade graduation

Upland High

December 1990 graduation from Cal Poly, Pomona University

Younger Sister:
Debi Thomas


With Black Eye

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Debi & John
Tony, Nani, Nick

Debiís father &
Ed & Sara Thomas