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One of the joys of family history research is learning about yourself by getting to know your ancestors. Each ancestor has their own story to tell of their joys, sorrows, personal challenges, and accomplishments. The following is my list of ancestors. Many I am still researching to discover their untold story. If they are familiar to you and you know them, maybe we are cousins. I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me: email.

Andrew (England)
     Jane Andrew
     William Andrew

Barnard (England)
     Marie Barnard

Bolls (AR, MS)
     Alvearn Bolls
Henry Clay Bolls
     William Griffin Bolls
     William Bolls
     John Bolls

Burmingham (MS, TN)
     Mary Ann Burmingham

Butts (GA)
     Virginia A. Butts
     Reuben Jefferson Butts
     Eldridge Butts

Chambless (AR,NJ)
LaVearn Chambless
     Tibb Lesley Chambless
Samual Walker Chambless
     Ansel E. Chambless
     James Chambless

Cliff (England)
     Hannah Cliff

Cluney (NJ)
     Jane Cluney

Coleman (MS, NJ)
     Penelope Coleman
     Jeremiah Coleman

Cooper (England)
     Catharine Cooper
     Richard Cooper
     William Cooper
     John Cooper (aka Couper)


Davis (MS)
     Matilda Davis

Dillard (AR, MS)
Mary Francis Dillard
     Francis H. Dillard
     William Dillard

Downs (England)
Rachel Downs
     Daniel Downs
     Robert Downs
     Robert Downs
     Thomas Downs

Emerson (Wales, GA)
     Mary “Poly” Emerson

Griffing (MS, NJ)
     Elizabeth Griffing
     John Benjamin Griffing
     William Griffing Jr.
     William Griffing
     Robert Griffing

Horton (NJ)
     Penelope Horton
     Hannah Horton
     Caleb Horton
     Barnabas Horton

Kamp or Camp (KY)
     Elizabeth Kamp

Marshall (MI, England)
Russell Marshall
Titus Marshall
Elijah Marshall
     John Rowland Marshall

Mays (KY, VA)
     Nancy Mays
     Matthew Mays

Milligan (GA)
     Sarah Jane Milligan
     John Milligan

Munson (England)
     Ann Munson
     William Jerry Munson

Nevill (England)
     Mary Nevill
     Robert Nevill
     Robert Nevill &
         Ida Bartram Nevill

Newborn (England)
     Sarah Newborn

Pask (England)
     Mary Pask
     Edward Pask

Rhodes (England)
     Susannah Rhodes

Roope or Roop (KY)
     Cynthia A. Roope
     Barnet Roope
(grandfather of


Saltsman (KY)
     Wineford Saltsman

Sidebottom (KY)
     Mary Elizabeth Sidebottom
     Henry Jackson Sidebottom
     William Sidebottom
     Charles Sidebottom
     Peter Sidebottom

Skaggs (AR, KY, VA)
Eliza Ann Skaggs
     Issac Thomas Skaggs
     Moses Madison Skaggs

Skeith (England)
     Elizabeth Skeith
     John Skeith
     William Skeith
     John Skeath

Smith (GA)
Daisy Dink Smith
     Wiley W. Smith

Stauis (England)
     Mary Stauis
     John Stauis

Swayze (MS, NJ)
     Hannah Swayze
     Rev. Samuel Swayze
     Judge Samuel Swayze
     Joseph Swayze

Ward (England)
     Tabitha Ward
     John Ward & Tabitha

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