H.C. Bolls Family

Shackleford School, 1903
located in the Midway Community,
Nevada County, Arkansas.

On Thursday, August 30, 1973, the Nevada County Picayune published the above photo of the one-room school with only one teacher, Mr. Martin Nelson, for all the grades. 

The Henry Clay Bolls Family

Standing: Annie, Lizzie, Willie, John, Ester, Myrtie and Lois

Seated: Henry Clay Bolls and Mary Francis Dillard Bolls with
           Alvearn in her lap (Rosalindís grandmother)

Photo taken about the spring of 1904 in Prescott, Arkansas

For family history,
please see
Mary Francis Dillard Bolls

Those included in the school photo are: 

  • Myrtie on the right, top row with bows in her hair.
  • Annie on the left, second row
  • Lois on the right, second row

My Grandmother: Alvearn Guthrie Bolls
Born 20 October 1903
Prescott, Nevada Co., Arkansas


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taken about 1945